Fine Print For Coupons

What is Gmart’s Reward Points System all about?

Gmart Reward Points System is designed for the benefit of our regular customers. This system enables our loyal customers to earn points while they shop on Gmart.

For every $25 spent in a single receipt, our customers will earn 25 reward points which will be worth of 25 cents. When customers earn a minimum of 500 of such Reward Points, they can then redeem these Reward Points enjoy further discounts on their orders placed.

Who can collect the Reward Points?

All our customers will be automatically be awarded the Reward Points in their accounts when they make purchases at Gmart. So, everyone is able to enjoy its benefits!

Are the Reward Points automatically applied to my account once I have 10 such Reward Points?

No, you will have to choose when you would like to redeem the Reward Points. The minimum number of points required for redemption is 500, however, you may accumulate more reward points before making your redemption.

Do the Reward Points have a specific duration in which they have to be used in?

No, there is no time limit for the use of the Reward Points.

Can the Reward Points be transferred to another account on Gmart?

No, the Reward Points are non-transferable.

What is Gmart’s Promo Codes Discount all about?

Gmart Promo Codes are special promotional codes that allow our customers to enjoy discounts on their orders placed for every order. In fact, one can enjoy its benefits without any pre-requisites such a being a regular customer.

How can I get Promo Codes and coupons?

Promo Codes and Coupons are available for first time shoppers, referral of friends and even through Gmart’s emails sent out to its customers.

When you shop with us for the first time, please use the Promo Code “FTIMER10P” to enjoy the discounts available.

When you refer to your friend about us, both you and your friend will get additional Coupons to apply to your purchases!

Also, do keep a look out for emails sent from Gmart! Some may contain Promo Codes and coupons as well!

Where can I enter the Promo Code to enjoy its benefits?

After selecting and adding all the items you wish to purchase into the shopping cart, when you proceed to check-out, you will be prompted to make a payment as well as make the choice of your preferred delivery slot. Under Payment, you can enter you promo code and enjoy its offer!

What are the terms and conditions to the use of the Promotion Codes and Coupons?

Firstly, the promotion code that one receives after being “referred by a friend” can only be used once and for the first time purchase only. To activate your promotion code, you have to sign-up on Gmart as a first-time user after opening the link that your friend has sent .

For subsequent shoppers, you can apply your promotion codes and coupons when you check-out after doing your shopping on Gmart.

Is there a validity period for the Promo Codes and Coupons?

The validity of the Promo Codes and coupons may be limited. In other words, there may be a duration limitation or quantity limitation on the number or redemptions that can be made.

How can I use the Promotion Code/Coupons/Reward Points I have?

After adding all the items into your cart, when you proceed to check-out, there will be an option for you to key in your promotion code/coupon details or even decide if you want to use your existing Reward Points before placing your order. Your final bill be prepared right after that.

Can I use more than 1 type of promotion for a single order?

No, every order will only accept one mode of promotion / discount ie. Discounts from promotion codes OR coupons OR redemptions of Rewards Points.