Terms Of Use

Thank you for shopping with Gmart. Please read the Terms of Use before using our website to fulfill your shopping requirements!

All users of Gmart shall be assumed to have read, understood and agreed to the following Terms of Use as set out by Gmart. In any case, should you not adhere to the terms and conditions listed, please do not continue to use this website and further use shall be done at your own risk.

Gmart reserves the right to make amendments to its Terms of Use, without notifying its users, at its own and sole discretion. Therefore, it is the users’ responsibility to update themselves on any changes that may be made on Gmart’s Terms of Use before using Gmart’s services.

User Policy:

Before being able to access Gmart’s services, the user would be required to set-up an account on gmart.com.sg as required by Gmart, or as stated on its website, where the following information has to be provided by the user: name and contact details (telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address and delivery address) upon sign up.

The user would then be considered responsible for every order made via his/her account and at the same time indemnify Gmart for all claims and damages made by third party whatsoever, arising from the actions of the user upon the placement of order using his/her account.

Order and Delivery:

After the placing the order on Gmart, the user shall receive an order confirmation through email at the email address designated by him/her at the time of sign up. The customer will be assumed to have agreed to the price and quantity of the items purchased. Please note the confirmation email sent is for the purpose of ensuring the user that their order has been received and does not equate to the availability of stock.

In the event that the item ordered by the user is out of stock, Gmart will contact its user through the contact details it has been provided with to make necessary arrangements, such as replacing the product with a substitute, removing the product from the order and readjusting the bill howsoever/whatsoever, which may differ from the previously sent out order confirmation.

Gmart will ensure to deliver the orders within the chosen time-slot of its customer to the delivery address as specified by him/her but shall not be held responsible for any delays for delivery if it has been caused by events or reasons, whatsoever that is out of Gmart’s control. It shall be the customers’ responsibility to notify Gmart immediately should there be changes to his/her contact details. Should there be no one to collect the order at the designated location as specified by the customer and no written confirmation whatsoever from the customer to leave the ordered products outside their homes or chosen location, delivery shall not be made and the customer shall be held liable to pay for extra delivery charges when delivery is made at another time.

Product Quality:

Every effort has been made by Gmart to ensure that the website is updated with the latest and most accurate information Gmart has which includes, but shall not be limited to, pictures, prices, sizes and types of products.

Upon delivery, please note that all risks in the products shall directly be passed to the customer, especially if special requests are made, with written expression, such as to leave the delivery at a designated location unattended. Gmart shall not be held responsible for any missing or damaged products whatsoever. However, it maintains its title in all the products it delivers until successful payment is received from the customer.

Any complaint of quality should be notified to the manufacturer of the product directly.

Cancellation Policy:

Customers are allowed to cancel their orders anytime up to before the start of the processing of their orders. However, cancellation will be accepted at Gmart’s sole discretion. Gmart reserves the right not to allow any cancellations for any reason that is not deemed acceptable by it whatsoever.

Proprietary Rights:

All content, written, graphic or of other material and type including video clips, audio clips, logos and software shall at all times remain the property of Gmart. None of the content shall be used in or reproduced by anyone in any manner unless having been received a written permission from Gmart.

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the law set out by the judiciary system of Singapore. Both the customer and Gmart shall agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Singapore courts should the need arise to do so.

Third party links shown on the Gmart website is beyond the control of Gmart. Gmart shall not take responsibility, in any manner whatsoever, for content posted on such third-party sites which may be accessed from its own website, www.gmart.com.sg, and may give rise to complaints and claims.